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Who We Are

A long history of collaboration and shared values around how to best support independent pediatricians brings together a collaboration of four of the most pediatrician-focused companies to support start up practices. The Verden Group consultancy, long known for its extensive work and success in launching new independent pediatric practices, along with Physician’s Computer Company (PCC), the leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendor for independent pediatricians nationwide, PedsOne Pediatric Billing Specialists, and the Pediatric Management Institute (PMI), today announced the launch of PediatricStartUp, an expert resource for assisting independent pediatricians in starting up their new practices efficiently and effectively.

All the Essentials in One Place

When an independent pediatrician chooses to partner with PediatricStartup, it’s an opportunity to regain or maintain their independence. They will receive preferred pricing and a full startup consult that includes everything they need to open their doors – from real-estate advice and market analysis to contracting and credentialing help, to clinical reporting, vaccine management, and ongoing education, to coding and billing support, and buying group options, PediatricStartUp is a ‘one-stop shop’ for the support of the business of pediatrics. All-in or a-la-carte, we will provide a range of services so that all start up pediatricians can get the support they need at the price they can afford.

Supporting Startups

“Independent pediatricians are opening their own practices everyday”, says Susanne Madden, founder and CEO of The Verden Group. “Historically we assisted 8 to 10 pediatric startups a year, but the numbers keep growing. We are on target to open the 12th practice by the end of this year with four more slated to open in early 2019”. Pediatricians who want to open their own independent practices often do not know where to start. They are left to piece together the help they need from colleagues and friends, or go it alone, making decisions often without guidance. This is costly can lead to failured ventures. Madden adds, “We wanted a way to take the best of what we do across our four entities and make it mainstream, so that pediatricians can take advantage of these services as and when they need them”. PediatricStartup’s collaborative solutions provide a single source of trusted partners to guide and support all aspects of starting a new pediatric practice. It will help startup practices hit the ground running, versus spending their first years struggling to put all the pieces together. 

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